Change can be difficult

              Not changing can be fatal 

HLC provides complete Schedule contract management services. We prepare and process modification requests, negotiate with Contracting Officers and upload changes to GSA Advantage, all in a timely manner. As a GSA schedule contract holder, it is vital that you continuously update your products/services and make administrative changes to stay compliant and competitive in the GSA marketplace. The experts at HLC can help you stay both compliant and current, AND free up your time and resources.

Focus on what you do best, running your business, and let us be your GSA contract administration experts.

Services we provide

  • New GSA contractor overview
  • Marketing to the Government
  • Maintaining your contract through eMod
    • Add or delete products/services
    • Add or delete SINs
    • Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs)
    • Price Reductions
    • Administrative changes such as personnel, address, novation, mergers
  • Trade Agreement Act compliance
  • 72A quarterly reporting
  • Preparation for Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs)
  • Assistance with 5 year contract extension
  • Assistance with  GSA Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audit support
  • Review changes in Commercial Sales, discount practices, and pricing policies
  • Education around any of the above topics 



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