HLC Government Services offers the most flexible, scalable, and transparent proposal development services in the industry. We partner with you, provide you recommendations and customize a plan for each proposal project. Our use of online collaboration software provides you and your team 24/7 access to your project materials from any internet connection. You can check for updates, track changes and review the status of each component of the project, in real time.

How We Help You Win

Our proposal experts deliver winning proposals by:

  • Supporting your company's strategy

  • Executing a process designed specifically for proposal development

  • Managing the process efficiently

  • Ensuring compliance

  • Leveraging an extensive library

  • Coordinating all content and fine tuning your message

  • Providing expert reviews

We get to know your company's core competencies and culture, and devise a winning strategy for each proposal opportunity.

Managing the Proposal

We employ a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which creates a critical task path and sets a time-line for the project.

Ensuring Compliance

We ensure compliance by incorporating all requirements into a solid response. Proposal specialists create a winning outline, augment this with clear and compliant text, introduce supporting graphics and charts, and package these into a conforming format.

Coordinating All Content

Our proposal managers (PM) gather and assemble information from multiple contributors, but your assigned PM will ensure that all of the parts of the proposal work together in unison.

Leading Reviews

In our review process, we act as a Contracting Officer, reviewing the document with a critical eye, ensuring the proposal's accuracy, clarity and that it addresses every requirement.

Our Process

Writing a proposal is an involved process. It requires a technical approach that meets the government’s requirements precisely. Our proposal specialists come to us from a variety of federal contracting organizations and government procurement shops, giving our team a wealth of experience.  Over the past two decades, we have responded to hundreds of proposals across a vast array of industries for service and product offerings. Over the past two decades, we have responded to hundreds of proposals across a vast array of industries for service and product offerings.

Our process for producing persuasive and compliant proposals is as follows:

  • We offer a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to give you a clear indication of how we intend to proceed

  • We provide full team management services

  • We clearly identify the information we need from you to execute the project

  • An HLC team member will collect your information and forward it, along with the solicitation, to one of our Proposal Managers (PM)

  • Your PM will evaluate the solicitation and in most cases provide you a firm fixed price for completing the proposal

  • We work with you to ensure your company meets all the requirements

  • The PM will delegate task to appointed team members based on need and areas of expertise

  • The PM coordinate the gathering of all contributors work and circulates the draft

  • The drafts are reviewed and with team input, the PM will coordinate revisions and refinements

  • The finished proposal is forwarded to you for delivery


Start the Proposal Preparation Process Right Here

Contact HLC and allow our proposal specialists to employ our highly structured systematic process on your next proposal. 

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