Understanding the DoD's ETA (Electronic Transportation Acquisition) system is the key to success. With no knowledge and/or experience in the ETA, companies find it difficult to succeed.  

HLC has developed a DoD freight management training program focused on providing you the tools you need to compete for DoD freight. We put our experience to work for you through this one of a kind DoD freight training program. The program provides you the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your DoD freight business. Our 20 hour training program walks you through every facet of DoD freight management and provides you strategies for success. 

The training program includes; 

  • Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) 
  • Tender Entry On-the-web (TEO) for all states and equipment types
    • Flat Bed 
    • Refrigerated Units 
    • Dry Vans 
    • Other equipment types TBD 
  • Spot Bid 
  • Spot Bid Notification 
  • Bill of Lading View 
  • Freight Carrier Registration Program (FCRP) Update 
  • In-Transit Visibility 
  • Discrepancy Identification System 
  • Transportation Facilities Guide 
  • Customer Added Value Suite (CAVS) 
  • CAVS Downloads, and Carrier Reports 
  • How to acquire freight loads from the DoD 
  • How to file accessorial items related to specific equipment types 
  • Intelligence gathering, how to collect data in all states and compare to other carriers 
  • How to identify the correct transportation officers from which to solicit freight 

HLC can assist you with DoD eligibility requirements and registration. We can provide and install your digital certificate(s) required by the DoD. Please note; the digital certificates must be installed on the computer of every company representative who will have access to your DoD account. The costs of the digital certificates are not included in the training fee, but can be purchased separately from HLC. Contact your HLC representative for costs and digital certificate installation information. 

For more information, please contact Robbie Watlington at 919-475-4672 or rwatlington@twc.com


REQUIREMENT OVERVIEW (Subject to Change November 2020)

a) Must have a valid SCAC
b) Must be registered and certified by US Bank (Syncada, formerly PowerTrack)
c) Must complete the registration forms (HLC will complete this on your behalf)
d) Must maintain a Performance Bond (see bond requirements below)
The amount of the bond is based on the size of the company and the number of states intended to service. Large companies may select 1 state for bond amount of $25,000; 2 to 3 states - $50,000; 4 or more states - $100,000.
Carriers registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA), http://www.sba.gov, or the System for Award Management (SAM), https://www.sam.gov/, may select up to 3 states with a Performance Bond of $25,000, up to10 states with a Performance Bond of $50,000 and 11 or more states for $100,000. To utilize these bond amounts, when submitting your bond information, you must provide supporting documentation that you are registered with the SBA. When registering, ensure you select the states for movement in accordance with the appropriate bond amounts. Movements must begin and end in one of the selected states.
Carriers that have conducted business in their own name with DOD for 3 or more years will be required to submit a Performance Bond in the amount of 2.5% of their total DOD revenue for the previous 12 months, not to exceed $100,000 and not less than $25,000.
Bulk fuel carriers are required to submit a $25,000 Performance Bond.
The bond amount is set at $100,000 for Surface Freight Forwarders, Shipper Agents, Brokers, and Air Freight Forwarders due to the volume of traffic handled by these modes.
e) Must maintain Cargo Insurance of $150,000 (except Bulk Fuel $25,000)

For more information, please contact Robbie Watlington at 919-475-4672 or rwtlington@twc.com




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