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Most consulting companies offer one or two options for completing a GSA Schedule proposal, and there is little to no flexibility within their options. Our sales team regularly get calls from companies interested in alternatives, and each time, we take time to listen and respond with options and recommendations that enable companies to reach their goal while minimizing the sacrifices along the way. After evaluating the concerns of the companies we spoke with, we used the information to develop creative programs that provide flexibility, scalability, and the efficient use of your most precious resources, time and money. We understand that your company is unique, and a "one size fits all" program is rarely a good fit.

Each of our programs expedites the proposal development process, but you can choose the option that you feel is in sync with your strategy. You choose what is best; an investment of more time and less money, or vice versa. You can choose to have solid deadlines, or scheduling flexibility that allows you to work at your own pace. You can also select an option that allows you to determine how much assistance you want.

Completing a GSA Schedule proposal is not a simple task, but with our systematic approach and flexible program options, you will avoid common mistakes and paralyzing confusion.

The ACE Online program enables you to;

  • Get a jump-start on the schedule development process by use of our Schedule Template!
  • Work at your own pace
  • Involve a GSA Specialist as much, or as little as you choose
  • Feel secure, knowing an experienced GSA specialist is available to you and will review your completed work



Our ACE Online GSA Schedule Development process begins when you purchase one of our GSA Schedule Template packages. ($1295.00)

The package includes;

  • Three hours of consulting time with a GSA Specialist. (Reg. $525)


  • We pre-qualify your company to insure you are eligible for a GSA Schedule.

  • SAM record verification.

  • We work with you to initiate your offer to the GSA.

  • Instructions and directions to get you started.


  • Document Templates for the GSA Schedule that fits your business. They are organized in the GSA's eOffer upload sequence! (Reg. $899)


Additional Services (not included in the package pricing)

  • ACES Certificate installation (electronic certificate needed for eOffer/eMod access) $249

  • Additional Consulting time can be purchased.

    • Three hours $525 ($175/hr)

    • Six hours $ 900 ($150/hr)

    • Nine plus hours ($130/hr)

For more information, please contact Robbie Watlington at 919-475-4672 or





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